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Our Facebook competition service
is the most effective method for rapid
like growth.

Facebook now has over one billion users globally. Brands are increasingly attempting to address the challenge of how to connect with this captive audience. A proven method for this is running competitions on the platform. Research has demonstrated that people will become more engaged with a brand that runs regular competitions.

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Best Response Social provides a custom platform that can deliver all that you need. We also provide the technical and design expertise to develop and execute an effective competition on Facebook. We will provide consultancy and advice covering everything from prizes to promotion.

Effective application of our competition platform will result in a huge increase of Facebook likes and email database subscribers. Best Response Social competitions are the most efficient method for growing likes and collecting data from Facebook.


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The Best Response Social competition platform features a number of key elements that ensure each competition maximises like growth, these include:

Mandatory “Like”

Each competition entrant must “like” the Facebook page before being able to submit their competition entry. This “like” will also display in the entrant’s feed so that their friends can see.

Automatic Wall Post

Once the entry has been submitted, a post will be made to the user’s wall promoting their entry. This will also be seen by their friends in their feed and is a key component in sending the competition viral.

Share With Friends

Once the entry has been submitted, the entrant will be shown a list of their friends with the option of sending them a direct message to share it with this. As with the automatic wall post, this will help send the competition viral.

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Email marketing is still an extremely cost effective method of online marketing that delivers excellent returns. A successful competition can re-engage dormant email subscribers as well as add fresh email addresses to your list that can be kept up to date using a platform such as Best Response Mail.

Whether you want to run a simple sweepstake or more sophisticated competition based on user generated content, our platform can meet your needs.

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